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Every tree care job is a unique situation to become a steward to one of nature’s most valuable and aesthetic features. Trees are a passion for us. After 15 years of experience as an arborist including 4 years on a 800 acre biodiversity reserve, I’ve personally never ceased to be amazed at trees and the specific ecosystems in which they live out their lifecycle. While we take pride and joy in our diverse knowledge of Arboriculture, every job provides another opportunity to learn more.

Knowing about the nature and diversity of trees and their environments is just one hat we wear, while the other is an extensive knowledge in clean, practical and efficient execution of our work. Being a professional Arborist applies the knowledge of a scientist, the care of a doctor and the skill of a craftsman in one profession. With care and commitment, Tree Steward will complete every job with precision, safety, efficiency, and a dedication to our client’s specific needs and the continued stewardship of their trees.

Taking Care of Existing Trees

Once a home landscape has trees planted and growing, the homeowner must make sure they stay healthy and productive. Proactive tree care is the best way to help your trees live long fruitful lives, enhancing the benefits they provide while keeping your property safe from potential damage. We inspect and maintain our trees on a set schedule. Each geographic area has its own considerations with temperature, moisture, insects, storm damage, and more. With our extreme weather variation the Denver area is no exception. Give us a call to learn how our services offerings extend beyond just tree cutting. 

Homeowners or Business Owner’s with existing trees need competent tree service for Tree fertilizing, Emergency tree service, Tree disease treatment, Cabling and bracing, insect management, and pruning of trees. Overgrown trees or ones with damaged branches will not stay healthy and often present safety hazards during wind and winter storms. 

Adding Trees to a Landscape

If you do not have trees or have too few in your yard or landscape we think it wise to add a few for shade, privacy, and beauty. But, how does a person know what kind of trees will grow the best in their landscape? This is the time to call us, your local tree care service provider. 

As trained and professional landscapers and arborists we are familiar with the area and the trees that do well here in the Front Range. We work with homeowners and businesses to determine what they want from their trees. We then design a tree care plan that meets those needs. If you dream of walking out into your yard and picking a nice juicy apple, or pear, or other fruit, our arborists will advise you on the fruit tree varieties that work for your yard and region.

You can choose fast growing trees to get shade quickly or choose a flowering tree to add color to your landscape. It is often best to plant a variety of trees that work well together and provide year-round beauty. 


Our skilled arborists take care of proper Tree planting, Root protection, Drainage, Mulching, and Arbor care. As your trees mature, our tree service provides Lightning protection, pruning, and other tree care services as needed.

Caring for Trees

Why hire a tree service? Not many homeowners or business owners know how to properly prune a tree or treat tree diseases or insect infestations. It may be tempting to plant a tree and then ignore it as long as it keeps growing and stays healthy. But, that can lead to a tree that dies prematurely, gets overgrown, and even causes Property damage to your or a neighbor’s property.
Our tree trimming allows trees to have a better, more attractive shape and tree structure, and to have enhanced wind resistance. Branches that grow too fast and overhang fences are trimmed back. Damaged or dead branches are removed for the health of the tree. 

Sometimes the way a tree grows or where it is planted causes problems such as limbs that interfere with electrical wires, overhang sidewalks or streets, or obstruct desired views. These trees need to be trimmed back or in some cases Tree removal is needed.

Trees are Not Forever

Trees have a long life and grow to great sizes, but they do not live forever, no matter how well homeowners care for them. Since trees last for decades, it is easy to assume they will always stay healthy and strong.

But, Storm damage can badly damage or topple large trees. Wind and lightning can cause large branches to break off and fall to the ground. A wet season can often undermine large tree root systems and cause trees to tip over. Some trees are so old they begin to die a branch at a time or part of the trunk until they are a danger. Don’t let this sneak up on you. 

If you have trees that are showing risk, please contact our tree care service. We will provide you with a free consultation and a quote. We will recommend a tree care plan or if needed we will provide you a price to remove the damaged, or downed tree, and haul away the refuse. Tree cutting is a dangerous project for anyone but a well-trained professional. Trees may weigh thousands of pounds and be as much or more than twenty feet tall. If the tree falls incorrectly, it can damage your home, cars, the neighbor’s property, or even injure people.

You’ll be amazed to watch our expert arborists determine where a tree must fall and ensure that it does. That fallen tree will look surprisingly large on the ground. Especially large trees will need to have sections cut off the top before the main tree is felled due to safety concerns and space limitations.

Once felled we reduce the tree into manageable pieces and hauled it away. Large trees often require several truckloads of wood and branches. If you desire we do offer a service to cut a tree down into firewood.

Once we remove the tree, the stump must be dealt with next. With our Professional whole service package we provide Stump grinding. Stump grinding is the preferred way to remove tree stumps and it requires special grinding equipment. We grind the stump to just below ground level. The underground roots fertilize the yard over time. 

Once we remove the old tree, we can plant you a new one that will be appropriate for that exact spot taking into account the soil and site conditions for long term health.  When properly chosen, planted, and cared for, your new tree will grow quickly and thrive for decades. This is your chance to pick a new type of tree to enjoy over the coming years.

With our tree care services and landscape planning, you can keep all your beautiful trees healthy and well pruned. This will save you resources because your trees will last longer, providing you enhanced enjoyment and safety, and even cut down on your summer cooling bills.

Give us a call to discuss how we can Steward your trees. Remember, no job is too large or too small for our team. 

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