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We offer a wide variety of Tree services for your home, business or recreational park. Listed below you will find our expert professional services for all your Tree care needs. Call us today for the highest quality tree care services in the Denver Area. 

Emergency Services

Did a limb fall in your yard after a recent storm? Did hail damage wreak havoc on your beautiful trees? Well now you can be worry free because Tree Care Denver specializes in emergency Tree Services. Our crews are well trained and equipped to handle any tree damage caused by accidents and storms. We will remove any trees damaged beyond repair and manicure those in good health to bring your yard back to a pristine condition.

Stump Grinding

Still have that ancient stump from a long dead tree in your yard? Did one of your trees recently succumb to disease or insects? At Tree Care Denver we can expediently grind or remove any stump in your yard. Simply call us today for your Free Instant Quote to have those old stump cleared up and your yard returned to it natural beauty. 

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and trimming is our most common in demand service. Its inferred in our name, Tree Care Denver. We are the best in manicuring and managing your trees to a healthy and vibrant glow.  Our teams are skilled in the art of tree management and with our professional and courteous demeanor we will care for your trees like they were our own. 

Pruning and trimming often requires climbing and scaling the trees. Our crews have the best safety record and we will ensure not only our staff is well cared for during the work but you, your loved ones, and your property will be cared with the utmost attention to detail.  Our swift and reliable services are just a call away, so reach out and find out how easy and efficient it is to use Tree Care Denver today.

"I've used Phil and his team for two years, for two major trimming projects and a few removals. Phil is professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. He does great work, and keeps the long-term view and health of the trees/property in mind during each stage of a project. I highly recommend him!"

-Lydia Gokey
Manager, Rainbow Trailer Park, and Living Springs Camp

"Phil and his team are our go-to crew for arbor care!  Dependable, efficient, fair, and quality workmanship that takes into account the health of the tree and the beauty of your property.  I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for outstanding tree work."

-Daniel Garland

​How Can I Prevent Winter Tree Damage?

The best time to prepare your trees for winter is through consistent care all year long. Trees are just like any other living entity. They need care, attention and periodically to ensure the best growing and sustaining conditions are maintained. 

We understand how easy it is to forget that the tree we see in our yards everyday need continual care. If you have not been able to keep up with tree maintenance throughout the year then the next best time to prepare your trees for winter would be in the late fall, ideally before the first frost comes in. Colorado winters can be both harsh and varying, with freezes and snows coming in one week and sun and warmer temperatures the next. This change in weather can cause wear on the soil and root systems of trees as the periodic freeze and thaw can expand and contract the water in the soil and roots. 

For the best preparation contact Tree Care Denver today for your Free Instant Quote. We will arrive promptly at your location to do a thorough inspection of your trees and provide any nutrients and soil management required to get your trees in prime condition for the winter months.   

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